Leederville Location

We opened our first location at Leederville with a simple philosophy: HAVE FUN, EAT WELL & SPREAD LOVE. Along with some of the best fried chicken and waffles in the world, we’re serving what we like to call 'New American Comfort' which include Burgers, Wings, Waffles and a selection of sides and drinks ; our goal is rustic but modern American comfort food. We are a casual spot devoted to one of everybody's favorite dishes: fried chicken and some gold old Beef Burgers. Anchored on a food we all crave, we keep the process uncomplicated and flavor-focused using just a few secret ingredients— including a spice blend we've tinkered with for years. We're here with our fryers ready. Cluck, cluck! WA 6018

747 Newcastle St,
WA 6007

Phone Number: 0423 365 920

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Food & Drinks

We have something for everyone in Perth – a variety of juicy fried chicken and chicken burgers, beef burgers, crispy sides along with a selection of drinks and shakes exclusive to each location . We can’t forget to mention our very own home brewed ice-tea, because nothing is better than a Thuggish meal with a serving of our very own Ice-Tea!


Our Menu

Come and enjoy our Rustic but Modern American comfort food in Australia!

  • Busta Burgers
  • Thuggs Fried Chicken Burgers
    The OG Burger
  • THE OG Burgers
    Fried Chicken Burger
  • Gucce Burgers
    Gucce Burgers
  • Deebo Burgers
    Deebo Burgers
  • Nashville Fried Chicken
    Nashville Fried Chicken
  • Thuggs Signature Fried Chicken
    Thuggs Signature Fried Chicken>
  • Wings
  • Wings